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Fast Connection - Megan Erickson, Santino Hassell

BR with Cristina!


I'm really loving this series! Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell make an awesome writing team. Their books are amazing and always grip me and leave me not wanting to put the book down until it's over.


So okay, I have to admit, I was a tiny bit nervous about this book. I had a feeling I would love it because Strong Signal was all kinds of amazing and left me with a happy smile and feeling content. But I knew one of the MC's in this had kids and that's not always my favourite things in books. However, it worked really well here. I loved Luke's kids and his ex-wife, who was all kinds of awesome, too.


Dominic really grew on me from the first book. He was my favourite of the two here. I loved the way he did his best for his family, even if I didn't always believe they deserved it. And when he finally stood up for himself, I was so freaking happy.


Luke took some time to grow on me. He was an ass at first and while I got it to a point, the way he treated Dominic bugged me. But once he won me over, he really won me over and I couldn't have loved him more. Some of his parenting moments made me laugh out loud, too.


Duffy, Dominic's dad, was a difficult character. I never really forgave him for the way he was for the best part of the book. His turn around did seem real enough. But I don't know if I fully cared. Although I was glad for Dominic and his sister.


The ending was perfect. After all the ups and downs in Luke and Dominic's relationship, it was so good to see them happy. So good!