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Broken - Nicola Haken



I'm trying to process my thoughts on this as I type but I keep coming back to wow. This book was a journey. An emotional, trying and sometimes painful journey. But it was so worth it.


This is one of those books I devour in one sitting and can't stop thinking about a long time after I finish.


I loved Broken. I loved how it dealt with mental illness and how real it felt to me. James's struggle was so very real to me. It felt like I was being sucked in every time his POV came up. It was hard for me to read his internal struggles and to see how distant he felt from everyone.


I loved him. Yes, he was arrogant and cocky, but there was something about him that I found likable. I also loved Theo. They were the perfect match and it was enjoyable to see their relationship grow. It was a bit of fun in what was really a heavy book. 


The secondary characters were great. I especially loved James and Theo's brothers. I also really liked Theo's mum and best friend, Tess.


One of the characters I hated? James's mum.


There aren't enough words to describe my hatred for that woman. I could not stand her and felt my blood boil every time she appeared on page. I'm so glad she wasn't in this a lot, because I couldn't have taken it. And I'm not sure how James and Max could stand her being around. Yes, she was their mum, but God. That woman.


This isn't going to be the book for everyone. There are triggers in this and some will find it very hard to read. But if you like emotional books that deal with serious issues, then this will be the book for you.