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Something in the Way He Needs (Family #1)

Something in the Way He Needs (Family #1) - Cardeno C. Normally I am really into the possessive type characters. That is something I love to read in a book, but this... This did not do it as well for me. To an extent I loved the possessiveness, but then it got a bit too extreme at times. I actually loved the book until a certain point and then it turned to, just liking to to it was okay.

I loved some aspects of the story. The idea of the story and the way the characters were woven into everything was really nice. I liked Daniel the best out of the two MC's. He was one of those cute and quirky characters and as someone else said he's like Jory. Everyone likes him and he's clumsy. That appealed to me.

Asher, he was a character that I loved at the beginning and I fell out of love with him as the story went on. I was not his biggest fan in the world and that was a pity because I could have loved him throughout the book, but he was to aggressive for me to like him. Some of his traits though really annoyed me.

The ending for me was not the greatest one in the world. It was a HEA and all of that, but I wanted there to be more talking. That was one thing about this couple. They didn't really talk about things and even with the big thing in this there was no real talking. I enjoy that but not with something as serious as the issue that popped up.

While it was not a favourite of mine, I would still recommend it. But if you don't like possessive characters avoid this like the plague.