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Touch Me Gently

Touch Me Gently - J.R. Loveless When I first read this book I was not expecting to be brought on an emotional journey I ended up on. I fell in love with the two MC's and Shay as well as the story and build up to the love story that was told here. I'm the first to admit this will not be everyone's cup of tea. There was a lot of "unrealistic" parts, but I don't read everything to learn, sometimes I just want to feel.

Kayden is an abused teenager, he was molested and tortured by his step-father, who he later killed and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. He is nervous around people and self-harms because of his past. Kayden is a very soft, gentle young man. I fell in love with him as he continued to struggle with his demons.

When he needs a job he is sent to Montana to work for Logan on his ranch. It builds from there and they become friends. Logan is straight and he dates women. We also have his sister Shay, who was an important character to the story.

The romance in this slowly built. But Logan falls in love with Kayden and after some time they begin something special. It takes time and some confessions before they are able to go very far with their relationship. I adored watching them fall in love and Logan was so gentle with Kayden, it really did melt my heart.

The last few chapters were tough and I felt really bad for Kayden, he was already suffering and then he was almost reaped again, but he was attacked and ended up in the hospital. The epilogue was especially nice and I found the story could not have ended any better if it had tried.

Highly recommend this beautiful story!