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The Math Teacher Is Dead

The Math Teacher Is Dead - Robert L. Manners Some of this book was okay, the characters were unbearable at best and the way the story went after a while was just short of horrible. I wasted time reading the book and the two stars I gave it were generous but I did not enjoy this book at all. I gave a couple of hours to it and was glad it was not a longer story because I think I might have cried from boredom. Some of the book was interesting but completely unrealistic in most places. I am someone who is all for out and proud characters but this was just, ugh. I guess it might appeal to those who do not mind overly soppy on again off again relationships. The one in this book ended what 2 times? Its not even that long and the main character was nothing short of a slut. I guess I would say give it a try if you are prepared to be bored for the time it takes to read this.