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The City of Lovely Brothers

The City of Lovely Brothers - Anel Viz An amazing story that feels so real I actually thought it was a true story.

The City of Lovely Brothers is a story that feels so real. It was a unique story. I felt so connected with the time and the characters through Anel Viz's writing style and amazing story telling ability. It was so real, I thought it might have been based on a true story. Not that it takes from the story in any way. I was totally in love with this story. It had an emotional depth that took my breath away.

The story spans a lifetime. It goes through the life of the Caldwell brothers. It showed marriages, births, deaths and betrayal. I was so caught up with this book I read it in one sitting. I started in the morning and finished late that night. All 580 pages, which was almost too short for the story.

All the brothers featured heavily in the story. But for me Caliban and Nick were the heart of the story. Their relationship lasted decades and their love never faltered. Nick was loyal to Caliban until the very end. Which to me said a lot about his character as a man. Their relationship was beautiful.

Caliban was a character I never thought I would overly connect to. He was the good guy with seemingly no faults. But he was wonderful and someone I think people could learn from. The character was so compassionate and kind, it was refreshing and strange at the same time. I can't explain it.

I actually think this book has something special that any person could in some way like. Some character will reach someone whether you hate them with a passion or love them to death. They all have a depth and a story with them. I loved how they were woven into the story and it made the novel brilliant.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who is brave enough to chance the length of the book. I think anyone would enjoy it.