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Stargazing In Your Eyes

Stargazing In Your Eyes - RedPhoneBooth *sigh* This was probably one of the sweetest Sterek fics (on Derek's part anyway) that I've ever read. It was basically one big ball of fluff, which happens to be one of the tags. I'm not used to Derek being this romantic or sweet with Stiles. He has his moments in the show and there are fics that do a good job, but this was just... I have no words.

“Look, Derek! A shooting star! Close your eyes and make a wish.” Stiles stated in glee. He retracted his arm again.

Derek turned his head and looked at him with a loaded smile. “I don’t need to,” Derek whispered. Stiles faced him confusing clearly drawn on his face. “I already have everything I could wish for.”

Those were my favorite few lines of this fic. Even the parts that were kinda funny didn't live up to that section for me.

Recommended for fans of Sterek!