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Finding Home

Finding Home - Cameron Dane I loved Rhone and Adam, they were such a sweet couple when they actually got together. I have been put off reading this book for a while, for the simple reason its so short. Shorter books can put me off if I think it should be longer. That is normally the case but I really did like this book, no matter how hard I try not to. The phrase "short but sweet" seems to fit this book for me.

I am becoming a fast fan of Cameron Dane, this is the second book by him I have read and from this it will not be my last. This book might not be to everyone's taste but I loved it. It broke my heart when Adam had to move out of the apartment. A few of the scenes really cemented them in my memory.

This couple seemed destined to get together. Even their first scene together told me that. I really had a good time reading this book and recommend it to mm fans. :)