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Aaron - J.P. Barnaby J.P. Barnaby did a wonderful job with this book. Aaron was a book I was extremely nervous to read. Two difficult issues were dealt with in this, both were tackled head on and done very well. The abuse and rape character versus the deaf character felt very natural. I enjoyed this read and have read it a few times since.

Arron was trying to deal with issues he has since an attack that left him psychologically scarred and his best friend dead. I loved the way he was portrayed, everything was a battle for him and there was never a magical cure. The magical cure works well for fantasy but a story that felt so real, needs to be shown realistically. My heart bled for him throughout his struggles.

From his parents, to his issues being around and seeing people, Aaron was dealing with a lot. His feeling like he would be better off dead was also a situation that was handled impeccably. He didn't come across as a weak character as such. He came across as a boy who lost his way after something tragic and horrific. Nothing about Aaron was particularly weak. Just broke.

Spencer was deaf. He was not any less complex but his issue was not as difficult. He was deaf. Although he had to do things differently, he was still a normal kind of guy. One of the issues he had was getting guys to stick around after they found out he was deaf. I felt kind of bad it made such an impact on him.

The romance in this book was sweet. I smiled during the scenes Aaron and Spencer shared as friends, and those between them as a couple. It was not all about sex, but healing and love. The ending was something the melted my heart. I would gladly read this book again and again. Highly recommend this book. It's one of those must reads.