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Grand Slam

Grand Slam - J.T. Cheyanne I wasn't sure what I expected when I picked up this book. What I got had not been in my mind though. Was that a bad thing? Nope. In fact I would say it was a very good thing. What I got was a book that had the drama and family fun that warmed my heart and left me with a mushy feeling inside. Yes, I am going to say it would not suit everyone and it could annoy the hell out of you. But, this is my opinion.

The book starts with Spencer and openly gay baseball player. That gets points from me. He has a bit of a run in with a team member. Anyway, he is introduced and then we meet Brock. He is the uncle to two kids and he looks after them like a dad. They meet when Brock takes the kids to see his a baseball game. His nephew, Corey, catches the ball and that's how everything starts.

There was a lot of communication. Spencer got an offer from a Texas team and didn't tell Brock. That leads to some questions being tossed out and not answered. Anna Kate, Brock's niece, was just adorable and totally me. She actually reminded me so much of me. It was sweet how open she was and I loved her "baby talk". She was the reason our MC's got together.

We also had some drama/angst. This was caused by the loathsome Jason. He tricked Brock into thinking Spencer was sleeping with both of them and wanted a threesome. He also kissed Brock and ended up naked in a shower with him, Brock at first, thought it was Spencer. That lead to a big thing. Brock get's shot. It lead to them reconciling in a sense.

I loved the ending. Although, I would have liked it to be longer. I would have preferred if we had met the twins. Plus seen Brock and his sister interact when she had his and Spencer's twins. At their wedding! Overall I adored this story and it is an easy 4.5 star read for me. I would not recommend it those those who don't like things to be a bit dramatic at times.