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Driftwood - Harper Fox I have decided not to rate this book. It was a difficult read in many respects. The writing wasn't the greatest and there was my big pet hate and if you read my shelves you will see what that is. The book had a lot of potential and maybe I'm just not very good with reading it properly, but I was confused some of the time. I understood the dialogue perfectly but the rest I was baffled.

Tom and Flynn were two broken men, both had their demons and both struggled with their pasts. I felt Tom mixed feelings about Tom. I loved how nice and loving he was to Flynn. Then David was mentioned and I felt like I lost a lot of respect for the man. It was as if I was reading about a separate character because it did not fit with the man I was reading.

Flynn, his was a character I pitied. His dealing with Robert had me conflicted through most of the book and his overall character was annoying. Saying that I did sort-of like him. It's confusing for me to say why. Mainly because I'm not sure why myself. But there was something there I liked.

The pile of round white quartz stones gleamed on the turf.

The writing was poetic? I really don't know because I'm not sure I remember a book like this. The author had British characters and I have always been able to understand them, so the dialogue was no issue for me. But in general... I can't describe it.

Even alone, his hungers seldom went beyond an ache in his gut—unsatisfiable, unreachable yearnings inside the caudal curve of his spine.

I loved Belle, Tom's dog. I am a dog lover and she was something I could like through the book. It was the only complaint I didn't have, and the one thing I was sure of. So I can say give it a try, but be warned you might not enjoy it.