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Cold War

Cold War - Keira Andrews 3.5ish stars. I keep going between a three and a four for this one. But I really did like it. I just didn't love it, you know? But I thought the guys were cute and hot together. Yet they're not a favorite couple of mine. So yeah, this'll probably stay at 4 stars and go up and down the .5 in my head for a while.

Anyway, Dev and Mikhail were a great couple. I love enemies to lovers. I adore it when there is an already secret attraction there. And I have a soft spot for sibling type relationships between best friends, like the one Dev had with Bailey. And as a book, it was really good and the storyline was nice and easy to follow. I'm not the biggest sports fan, but the competitiveness in this was another bonus.

Definitely recommended for people who want a quick read.