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Captive Lover (Westburg, #1)

Captive Lover (Westburg, #1) - Patricia Logan I normally stay away from books like Captive Lover, but this was one book I was drawn to. I was not expecting this book to be as sweet and romantic as it was. But, that is exactly what this book was. It was also dark and twisted and had a very tough subject matter at the core of the book.

Dylan and Conner's relationship in this melted my heart. I was surprised at the way they become a couple so easily. The insta-love was so well done and both men were so wonderful and beautiful I really believed that they had fallen in love. Without giving too much away, a lot happened between these two in the book.

I wanted to murder Marcus during this book. The prologue was the beginning of that hatred and as the book progressed I got more and more annoyed with him. He was a sick character and the way he treated poor Dmitri was just horrible. If pedophilia is too much for you, then this is not the book for you.

I love the epilogue and the way it finished off the story was lovely. I was touched by these two MC's and the love they had as well as how well Patricia Logan wrote this book. I give this a strong 5 stars and thank God that I didn't get put off by the stronger content in this book.

Highly recommend it!