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Crooked Tree Ranch

Crooked Tree Ranch - R.J. Scott Another RJ favourite for me.

Crooked Tree Ranch is the first book in the new Montana series by RJ Scott and let me just say, I adored it! I'm a huge fan of cowboys so this was definitely my thing.

I loved the build up to everything. Nate and Jay don't meet straight away. But that gives us a nice bit of background and character introduction. Two things that I really loved in this book. We also had a chance to get to know the characters. Everything started out really well, which was a really good thing.

It's unusual for me to adore kids in books. Here, though, I adored them. Kirsten and Josh were really great. Kirsten, the teenager, definitely won me over straight away. She wasn't the perfect, preppy kid. Josh was adorable and I felt both he and his sister complimented Jay. He was such a dad to them. It was definitely cute.

The romance was really sweet. I liked the two together. Both men had their issues, in a sense. But those issues seemed to make them perfect for each other. And I hope we get to see more of them in the series.