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An Unconventional Courtship

An Unconventional Courtship - Scotty Cade One word can describe this book. ROMANTIC! It was such a sweet and romantic book.

I loved An Unconventional Courtship. It was such a good solid romance. I would have read more and more of it. Tristan and Webber were such a beautiful couple (that is the only way I can describe them). I fell in love with them so quickly. It had all the sappy hard core romance I love without making me sick.

As characters I could see why they fell in love. They were in each others pockets for two years. Became fast friends and just had those small things in common that bond people together and make them connect. The first kiss was sweet and I cursed when they had the little misunderstanding.

This book would not be for everyone. It would make some people sick, I know, but for me this fulfilled the ultimate sappiness for me. The characters were adorable, I loved almost all the secondary characters. The plot was interesting and I just wanted more and more of them together.

If I could say one thing for this book it would be that is shows how strong relationships can be built. Although, not everyone is rich like Webber, small things can show how much you care and both MC's really did care in this book. It was a change to see both as in love as they were.

Highly recommend this book to all you fans of major sap. I do not regret reading it.