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Beauty And The Bookworm

Beauty And The Bookworm - Nick Pageant This was a nice, short, angst-free read. There were some fun scenes, some cute scenes, and a couple of scenes that made me want to strange someone, which is the reason it's 4 stars not 5.

Firstly, the scene with the ex. Oh God, I was so not into that scene. But as the book went on and Shane and Mason got closer, I kind of forgot it had happened. Not fully, but I wasn't focusing on that scene like I normally would.

Then there was the best friend. Yeah, she was frustrating. Very frustrating. I didn't know what I thought in the beginning, and then the whole pregnancy really made her unlikeable.

Even with those two things, I really did enjoy this story. The couple were nice together, and I was rooting for them. And I also loved Mason's lesbian granny. Very fun character and I really enjoyed the scenes she was in.