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Clouds and Rain

Clouds and Rain - Zahra Owens Hello and welcome to my review of the wonderful *rolls eyes* review of Clouds and Rain. Sit back and enjoy as I rant about my view of this book.

I must admit I started this book and I was excited. The blurb drew me into this book. It was actually the best part of the book when all is said and done. But the more I read, the more I hated this book and wanted to curl into a corner and cry.

This was me when I started the book.


That changed very quickly. Flynn and Gable were sweet enough together. I enjoyed watching them build a relationship. I liked both of the MC's. It was a nice start to a relationship. But, then we hear about the ex. Grant. That was okay, I hated him, but at least he had his best friend Calley.

This is what I thought of the wonderful, Calley (and Grant) if it was put to me.

Calley (Gable's best friend) cheated on her husband. With who? You may ask. With Grant of course, the then boyfriend of said best friend. Wonderful! After he left Gable when he was injured. And even better, she could not pick sides. But the wonderful plot does not finish building. Oh no, it does not!

Calley got pregnant from that affair. Yes, she got pregnant! With her best friends, boyfriend's baby!

So, if you are wondering if it could get worse. The simple answer is yes. It got a lot worse, to the point of it being weird. Gable forgave Grant and Calley and all four men (Flynn, Gable, Grant and Hunter, who was Grant's boyfriend) donated sperm to help Calley and her husband have a baby.

I will say one thing, some people may love this and I will look for those who did. I added this to my creepy shelf because it did creep me out.

Wonderful book. As you can tell I loved it sooooo much. I am now off to pat myself on the back for keeping my marbles. I will leave you now with my reaction, after I read this book.

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