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The Only Guy (The Guy Series)

The Only Guy (The Guy Series) - Skylar M. Cates I loved Aaron and Jesse. I absolutely loved them. They were so sweet together, but they also felt very real. They faced things in a realistic way and there was a level of respect between them, so they actually talked about their problems. And that was a refreshing change from a lot of books where silly little things come between the couple and they break up for a while.

The family aspect of this book was really good. Neither of them came from the perfect family, but Jesse's situation was a lot worse than Aarons and the bit close to the end, with his dad, was really sad. Honestly, I was glad when he finally came to the realization he did, because his parents really weren't very good people and the conversation between Jesse and his dad just made me dislike the two of them more than I already did. And the scene after, with Jesse and Aaron, was really nice and it made me love this couple a little bit more.

I was also really glad we got to see Dean and Anthony again. I really loved those guys too and it was great to see the four characters interact, even if it was mostly between Dean and Aaron. They were close friends after all.

The scenes after Aaron's health problems were very well done too. I loved that he was scared and I adored Jesse for standing by him the way he did. A small part of me was angry with Aaron's mother for talking to Jesse the way she did, but she did apologize afterwards and I was sort of able to understand where she was coming from. It was her own fear that drove her too. And Aaron wasn't exactly an angel either.

So overall, I loved this book and I loved the couple even more. I loved that they faced their issues together and those things brought them close together. Skylar M. Cates always has a way of making me fall in love with her characters and I'm seriously excited to read more of her books!