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Play It Again, Charlie

Play It Again, Charlie - R. Cooper I was so excited when I started reading Play It Again, Charlie by R. Cooper. I honestly thought the book had great potential and I would really enjoy the book. When I started reading it that was what I believed. But I can tell you now it fell short for me in a lot of ways. I don't know why I was so excited. To be honest this could have been a great book, I could have loved it. But I didn't.

The characters were okay, they were actually quite good. I loved Will, he was a sweet character and even Charlie who was an ass at times was good. But to be honest some of the things they did pissed me off and really got me worked up. The whole time I was unsure if I really wanted them to get together or not.

The pace of the book had me bored to tears at times. It is so slow in parts and the parts I wanted to be longer were short. It all felt very dragged out to me, it was the theme of the book. A long slow building story. But it wasn't because they get together before 30% if memory serves me right. But the process was so long.

I cannot remember a time I was so bored by a book, but this one definitely left me feeling AT LAST! when it ended. I hate giving up on a book and so far I have never had to. You should give this book a try of you are into long, slow building scenes. This could be for you then. :)