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Voice For The Silent

Voice For The Silent - T. A. Chase Oh wow this book is draining, it has both happy and sad with a lot of tough sections to keep the reader gripped. I really loved this book and found it easy enough to read because I have a stronger stomach for violence than most people.

Things I loved about this book are

- Loved the way it was written!
- Julio as an individual character!
- Paine as an individual character!
- Katie as an individual character (although she was not a massive part of it, her part was still big)!
- The way the romance developed over time at a slow pace!
- Justice was eventually served!

Warnings about this book

- Animal cruelty!
- Child prostitution!
- Child abuse!
- Drugs and meth labs!

This book will not be for everyone and some may find it overly disturbing, I have come to the conclusion that T.A Chase did an amazing job with this book. There are no abuse scenes or rape scenes actually in it, but they are there and are mentioned a couple of times. This book is a very good read for those who approach this book. I am glad I found it and the title A VOICE FOR THE SILENT, is so fitting in so many ways. :)