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Alex in Wonderland

Alex in Wonderland - Jessica Freely Alright so this was... a new experience for me. One that was not very pleasant and I hope that I won't read a book like this again. My reasoning for the 2 stars? I love the epilogue. It was very sweet and what I love to see in a book.

Lets begin reliving this.

*Alex broke up with his boyfriend after he caught him having sex with his therapist that night!. One that was supposed to be helping him so they could have sex. (I kid you not it made me laugh)

*In their 3 year relationship Alex and Brian never had sex, but they lived together.

*There were several scenes that made me question why I read this. Alex was like a slut during most of it, but he never enjoyed it until the dance with the following kiss.

*There was an almost threesome. A big accident happened and it stopped.

*There was BDSM in this and an accident during one of his encounters. Not a very fun one either.

The only good part of this was the epilogue and I was glad something finally worked out for this book. I hate giving the low rating, but I was not a fan. I should have known when the blurb mentioned a sex club, but a girl can hope.