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After The Fall

After The Fall - L.A. Witt Okay, so something people should know, I have only read books 3, 4 & 5 in this series before this one. Books 1 & 2 I have not read. So I read these books not knowing the original story. That being said, the series is decent. I adored book 4. Seriously, it's my favourite in the series. And this one, book 6, is good. I mean, there's nothing really wrong with the story and I did enjoy it. But my rating is a weak(ish) four stars because I did find myself enjoying the book.

Nathan and Ryan started off perfectly for me. And for most of the book, despite insecurity, I was really loving them as a couple. Friends to lovers is a personal favourite trope of mine. Normally you can't beat that for me. Heck, I read a lot of books with this trope. But after a while I started to think something was going really wrong. I was sort of right. There was a break-up and everything. I wasn't too impressed with that. But for that period of the book, I was just waiting for something good to happen. Then it ended too soon after everything.

I know most people won't have an issue with some of the things. But when a couple gets back together, I like it to be fleshed out at the end. Personally, I enjoy seeing them reconnect and get stronger and stronger. Also, I would have liked to get inside Ryan's head for a while. Yes, this book is told from Nathan's 1st person POV. And I live 1st person. But in this case, the author could have added even a couple of pages from Ryan.

I loved the connection between the men, though. And it was nice to see them start out as friends. Even if they had a bit of a bumpy beginning. It's not all about horses either, so don't let that deter you from reading the book. It's a really solid book that just could have used another chapter or two towards the end. Nathan and Ryan were cute together, and I don't regret reading this book.