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Out of Hiding

Out of Hiding - Mia Kerick 4.5 awesome stars!

I am becoming a huge fan of this author. She is really talented and her characters always seem to worm their way into my heart. She can take some serious issues and deal with them properly and she always leaves me with a happy feeling in the end.

[b:Out of Hiding|19518735|Out of Hiding|Mia Kerick|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1387250509s/19518735.jpg|27635631] is amazing! The characters Philippe and Dario were an awesome couple and they seemed perfect together. I think, personally, the timing really works for this couple. They have their issues to face, but they don't really stop the couple from falling in love. I also love the family aspect, the dance aspect (which was different for me, but I did like it).

There are a couple of times in this I could really feel Philippe's emotions. He goes through a lot in the book and he makes it out the other side, stronger. I am so glad the author actually dealt with his issues instead of giving a fake HEA. Dario had every right to know about Philippe's past.

For fans of something maybe a bit different or those who enjoy dance, this will work for you. If you want a really lovely romance that develops nicely, or an MC with issues, then I suggest you give this a go.