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Unfinished Business (Beggars and Choosers, #2)

Unfinished Business (Beggars and Choosers, #2) - Mia Kerick Unfinished Business was a beautiful sequel to Mia Kerick's Beggars and Choosers. Cory and Brett are back and there was a lot of beautiful moments in this book. I enjoyed reading this and am being bold in saying it was better than the first book. Mia Kerick has done a wonderful job with this story and I was so glad we got the sequel.

Cory and Brett had some issues in this book. I loved the way it was all dealt with though. There was no break up or cheating, when I picked this up in my heart I worried about cheating. But it was perfect. There was nothing that left me with a very bad feeling, even though I hated one of the new characters.

Brett's explanation to Corey about how he felt about him was just so romantic and sweet. I knew he had it in him somewhere and that scene was funnily my favourite in this book and the fact we had some wonderful scenes in this book, nothing could take from reading that. It was just so pure and honest.

I hated Ian. Even after he redeemed himself I could not like him. I wanted to punch him in the face. He was an ass. A class A ass and that was all I could concentrate on when I was reading him in a scene. I hooted for joy when he figured out he had no chance with Corey. Yes, he had his own POV in this. I am sensing a sequel with him in it for some reason.

I loved this book. It felt me with a mushy feeling inside and the ending was perfect. The fact it ended on such a high was what allowed me to give this five starts. I am daring to say they got their HEA and I am happy about that.

I highly recommend this book!