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Dating For Deafies

Dating For Deafies - Nikka Michaels 3.5 stars!

Dating for Deafies is a nice little story. The MC, Evan, has his hearing stolen by a bout of meningitis as a child. His best friend, Zoey, also deaf, helped get through to him when he became angry and withdrawn.

The friendship between them was really nice. She even taught him how to sign when his doctors said there was no need because his hearing could come back. I really liked the banter between them.

Evan has given up on dating after his last serious boyfriend wanted to make him better. He’s tired of people trying to change him. But then Zoey asks him to feature on her blog – Dating for Deafies – so he agrees to give dating a shot. For her. At first it doesn’t go very well, but then an email changes things.

Responding to said email becomes important for Evan’s love life. When he meets Tristan, the attraction there is obvious. I really liked the email exchanges between them.

The two of them were sweet and funny together, and I really did like this story. I cared about Evan and I wanted him and Tristan to be happy together, but the ending was a tiny bit of a letdown. Not that it didn’t end happily, it did. But I would have liked to have seen their first date and then the really lovely ending.

A copy of this book was provided by Wayward Ink Publishing in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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