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Bonds of Earth

Bonds of Earth - G.N. Chevalier I have to admit I was skeptical when I started reading this book. It sounded very boring and ordinary, but I loved it. Michael and John has so much in common and then at times they had nothing in common. Both characters were well represented and the dept to them was very good. At times the book left me feeling frustrated but then it would turn around for me. The themes of war and love were present in almost every page. It was hard not too see the effects the war had on both characters. It takes a long time for the characters to get together. But when they do its amazing and you are unable to look away or stop reading. This book had a very good effect on me and normally I find it hard to love a historical mm romance book. This was one of the major exceptions. G.N. Chevalier is an amazing author and has written a book that shows so many emotions without leaving you exhausted. I would highly recommend this book to all mm fans out there :)