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The Nothingness of Ben

The Nothingness of Ben - Brad Boney The amazing debut novel by Brad Boney was such a sweet and lovely story and I have to say one of the best GFY books I have ever read. Ben and Travis melted my heart, broke it and repaired it all in one book. It was real, and tough and gripping, but in the end it got the HEA. I would still love to read another book about the couple. But I will live with this as it for them. The ending was fitting for the couple and I loved the book, even when I wanted to hate it for a multitude of reasons. A few life changing events for both characters added drama, but one thing I loved about it was the fact that everything fell into place. Ben's brother were great kids, and I had to laugh when I was reading a scene with Jason and Jake in it. This book shows not only romance, but family and friends as well as growing up and maturing even as an adult. That is a great thing for an author to portray. Brad Boney is an up and coming author and I cannot wait to read more from him. A really great book and one that should be read by fans of mm romances. :)