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The Isle of... Where? (Isle of Wight, #1)

The Isle of... Where? (Isle of Wight, #1) - Sue  Brown [a:Sue Brown|4228385|Sue Brown|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1308773218p2/4228385.jpg] I applaud you for this book. For a while I was debating whether to read this one. It sounded emotional and maybe angsty. I was half right. It was an emotional read. No doubt about that, but there was little to no angst. Just real, raw emotion that was dripping from the pages. I encourage people to give this book a chance, for me it's a must read.

We start off with Alex and Liam. Best friends who are going through a tough time. Alex has colon cancer and it's too late for him. His best friend Liam is caring for him. Those scenes were so real and raw. It was done at the very beginning and it made me crave this book. There was a love there that was non-romantic, but a beautiful love all the same. They were brothers in more way than one. Of course Alex dies and so we begin the story.

Liam and Sam meet and things happen very quickly. Of course there are a couple of chuckles along the way. The first for me was. When Sam admitted he sort of stalked Liam. Then we meet Rose. The thing about the old girl is she is part of the reason this book is so great. She's a gas character and pivotal to the story. She lightens the story and gives it something special. I was almost crying when Sam called Liam to say she was in the hospital I did think the worst.

In general the romance could be seen as very fast. It happens very quickly and they do fall in love within a few days. But for me, it was good. Sam was there for Liam. It meant they formed a bond that healed some of Liam's pain. Liam has to release Alex's ashes and Sam is the one who supported him. He wasn't pushy, but supportive. Too many times a character is pushy. It happens, and I find that annoys me more often than not.

We get a glimpse of Sams past too. It's wasn't the most surprising for me. His humor and overall personality was fun and quirky. His ex was an ass but he had the best family. The two mixed well, and made me love the character bad driving and all. The ending was beautiful and I was smiling. The book ended on such a high for me. The ending wrapped up a lot of things, but left it open for your own imagination too. We feel the love of family and see how strong the relationship is.

Must read emotional story, highly recommend it!