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12 Cups

12 Cups - Thelionesskim So what do I say about this one?
It is definitely a very nice fic. Actually, I would probably have loved it a few weeks ago, but I wasn't as impressed with it now as I would have liked. It was really good, don't get me wrong. I just dislike characters kind of fading into the background, especially characters I really like. And I would have liked the romance to have been a bit longer in this because the final few chapters were not enough for this wonderful fic.

But, I also really think this was an amazing fic. It was funny and really lovely. Stiles and Derek were great in it and I loved Laura! She was such a great character in this and she was great to read. It was like the Sheriff, but she actually stayed in the story and didn't go poof. Or maybe I just missed something. Also, I really loved how everyone knew about Stiles and Derek's feelings for the other but Stiles and Derek.

Another thing I realized, which didn't come as a shock really, is I love Deputy Derek. I seem to be reading them a lot. And by a lot, I mean as many as I can find. Especially when the Sheriff likes Derek and wants him and Stiles together. So anyway, back to this fic, it really was a great story and I would gladly recommend it if you like the sound of Deputy Derek.