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Shadow Scars

Shadow Scars - Zoe Perdita This was a surprisingly good read. I got it for free and only glanced at the blurb, but it sounded okay so I said I'd give it a go. But this was a lot more than okay. It was sort of sweet, hot and I really liked both MC's.

Considering this is the first book in the series, I'm really happy with how this one ended. For a while I worried it would have a cliffhanger or wouldn't have a happy ending. But the ending was actually perfect considering where the couple are now. It left me wanting more without it feeling incomplete.

I hope more of Conner's past is explored in the next book. It'd be nice to see his family come back into it, even if it's just for him to get closure.

I loved the dual first person present tense POV's. It added to my enjoyment and I liked getting inside both guys heads.

I'll definitely read the next book in the series.