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The Son of the Sheriff

The Son of the Sheriff - ToriTC198 I'm kinda frustrated right now. Well, that might be an understatement, but anyway.

This fic had so much potential and I loved the first couple of chapters. I actually thought this would be another really great Sterek fic, but I did have issues with the pacing of the story. It started off really nice and I loved the way Derek and Stiles were attracted to each other but Derek found Stiles annoying, and the whole thing with them being partnered together was great too. I also liked the fact we had so many characters in this and it wasn't just about Sterek. But then the issues started happening and they really annoyed me. Especially the pacing of the whole fic, it was just really hard to enjoy it as much when it felt like things should have been fleshed out. And the worst part is the slow burn of the romance was really slow. Like a couple of little things closer to the end, but nothing really happened until the end.

I also found the magical element a bit unspectacular in this. And then the Kate part, which was okay, it just didn't work for me the way it should have or maybe will for others. Because I'm sure others will probably really connect with this fic. And I'm guessing it's just me for some strange reason. Anyway, this really is something I liked, but I just didn't enjoy it like I wanted to. Still, I'm always happy reading Sterek, and if you're a fan you might like to give this fic a try.