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Loving Jay

Loving Jay - Renae Kaye Another five star read from Renae Kaye. This woman is seriously talented. I've got one book of hers left to read and I am really really excited about it. Why? Because I've loved the other three (this one included) so far. She just seems to write the types of stories I love.

I loved almost everything about this book. Jay (Jamie) and Liam were so adorable and cute together. I loved them both individually, too. Jay's verbal diarrhoea issue was so funny and I love characters like that. They just make a scene come alive for me, since I can be like that in real life.

This is an OFY/GFY sort of book. It wasn't exactly full on GFY as Liam had not only been attracted to guys before, but had also been with a couple of them. He was just trying to figure out who he liked. It was nice to see him grow and the pacing for everything felt real and it was good for this story. It was a relief to see him moving forward as he and Jay spent more time together.

The secondary characters were awesome. The dad, well, he was an ass for most of the book, but he wasn't the worst character ever. The families made me smile and I just loved how they were. Sometimes family things can get in the way and overtake a book, but here it all fit really well and I looked forward to scenes like that.

Overall, this was a great story that I loved. Not my favorite of hers, but I couldn't put it down and I was left with a huge grin on my face when I finished. Would definitely recommend for fans of nice, sweet stories.