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Enough - Matthew J. Metzger I really enjoyed this book. I also really liked the authors writing style and his characters. The English setting was also a nice change, and I probably should read a few more books set in England. And the only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because I didn't totally adore the book.

Jesse and Ezra are an established couple. They've been together about 8 months when they go to visit Ezra's family. It's while they're visiting them that things start to become a little strained. Especially after Jesse meets Ezra's first boyfriend. I really loved how meeting Liam, the ex, brought out the self-esteem issues in Jesse. It was totally believable and relatable. I sided with Jesse when it came to the Liam argument, mostly because it was obvious he wanted Ezra back, and I think that would make most people uncomfortable--and angry--when they're throwing it in your face and making those kinds of accusations against you.

But Liam wasn't the character I disliked the most. Heck, he wasn't even close. It was Grace, Ezra's sister, who really made me want to throw something. She was an evil bitch. Honestly, I'm pretty sure she's one of my most hated characters in book. And she'll probably always be at the top of that list.

So can I recommend this book? Yes. But if you dislike characters with self-esteem issues or you don't like established couples in books, I'm not sure this will be for you. But I would definitely recommend it if you can look past all of that because it really is a great book and I loved this couple.