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Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher I will admit I loved this book, it was heart felt and something that needs to get out there. I have been bullied before but never to the extent in this book. Hannah was only a girl who wanted to be normal and make friends like normal teenagers instead she was tormented. I felt sorry for Clay, he really liked her and genuinely was a nice guy.

Its hard to believe bullying that was not really really bad had this effect but it was not just one person. The 13 reasons she ended her life were real in our life which made this book so realistic to me. The author did a wonderful job on showing us how she felt and brought the suspense out really well.

I read it in a couple of hours but the book was so so worth it. I kind of get into books with a message because they can make the biggest impact. I really cannot praise Jay Asher enough for this wonderful poignant book.