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Trust Me

Trust Me - Jeff Erno This is a beautiful, heartbreaking book.

This book is just raw emotion. I do not have a better way of describing it. It was my second mm romance and it was heartfelt and poignant and just the right amount of funny in places. A book like this is not just a simple story and it cannot be described easily. But it can be recommended.

Bobby and Shawn stole my heart and left me feeling raw and in need of a hug. Trust me has a way of ripping your heart out and repairing you again and leaving you numb. The two protagonists are just stunning character and their stories needed to be told.

The more you read the more you need to read. Well that is how I felt and how I needed to feel. This book could have been ruined, but to be honest it was perfect and what it had to be. Its not easy and love does not always conquer all. But this book shows how it can survive through tough times.

To be put off of this book by the tough subject it brings up could be a mistake. There is only one scene with graphic content about the abuse and it was not as bad as other books I have read. Its up to the reader but I survived reading it.

I have a need to say more and yet I cannot find the words. It needs better than a simple review. It needs to be read and re-read and maybe read for a third time. Eyes need to look and brains need to take it all in. So that is all I will say.

Well done Jeff Erno, you have written an amazing book and one I will cherish for the rest of my life.