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Timing - Mary Calmes This was one of my first MC books and it's still one of my favorites from her, and one of my overall favorites. It was the right amount of funny, sweet and hot.

There are so many things I loved about this book, I really don't know where to start. Stef and Rand were really hot together. But they were also really sweet and lovely. There were complications, of course, and insecurities that reared their ugly head here and there. It wasn't just one of them that had them either. Rand had his issues with himself and his relationship, partly due to a certain character who I really didn't know what to make of, and Stef's were due to his family situation. A rather suckish one, if you ask me. Together, though, they were perfect. Maybe too sweet for people who aren't into sweetness, but if you are this will totally hit the spot for you.

If you have read many MC books, you will know that they tend to be quite similar. And Timing is definitely similar to A Matter of Time, from the possessive love interest and everyone wants the MC, to the crime plot revolving around the MC. I just loved Rand more than Sam. And I preferred his possessiveness more than Sam's because I felt this relationship more than the Sam and Jory one.

Overall, I really loved Rand and Stef's journey in this book. It's definitely an old favorite of mine and I really think fans of the author will enjoy this, but it also might be a nice book to start with because it can be read without reading the sequel.