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Tigers and Devils

Tigers and Devils - Sean Kennedy I think this is a very funny and sweet book. I loved the romance and Declan and Simon were such a cute couple. This is the first book I have read with Australian characters and I loved it. If you don't really know Australian phrases it might be a difficult read but it was no problem to me.

Fran and Rodger and Abe and Lisa were great side characters and I loved the interaction with them. The sports theme in the book was not really strong so I could understand it perfectly. There was some very nice scenes in the book that made me swoon and some that made me want to scream which was what kept me reading.

Its a very easy book to read and I never got bored. I do have to admit I almost hated the last section of the book but upon reading it again I realized what happened had to happen to strengthen the relationship.

I had a smile reading the banter between the characters and it was very believable especially with the fame. There was nothing really out there it was just a simple book that had a really good plot and brilliant characters. This really is a must read :)