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Surviving Elite High

Surviving Elite High - John H. Ames I just loved this book so much. Surviving Elite High is an amazing YA mm romance. It has everything I enjoy. Teens finding love, drama and coming of age. All of this and by the end we have a proper couple. John H. Ames wrote a great book for young adults and I found myself getting wrapped up in the book.

When I started reading this book I was excited. It had so many great reviews and the fact it was YA excited me even more. Not many authors do well with YA mm romance, but this was one of the best stories in my personal opinion and now a favourite of mine.

The characters were so good. I was skeptical of Nick at first, by the end I loved him. He was one of those characters I thought might never come out. It was just the way I have seen a lot of books going and by the end they are still in the closet. But John tastefully wrote this and made it very emotional for me.

The protagonist John (I laughed at John and John) was such a sweet boy. He had a great mother and two wonderful friends. I always wanted the best for him, especially when he was being bullied. It was upsetting to see him so afraid. But unfortunately that is the reality of the life of a gay teenager in most high schools.

I would highly recommend this book to all YA fans. It is such a great story and you will miss out by not reading it. :)