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Zero at the Bone

Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville I picked up this book a couple of months into my starting obsession with MM Romance. This book was just so perfect and I honestly don't know how I fell in love with a book like this. It had an assassin and a doctor, very hot combination. Especially, when you consider this book is not just a romance. But a race to save both lives. The story starts off shaky and we get a magical book in the end that left me craving more.

Jack Francisco is an average doctor who witnesses a murder. His life is turned upside down by the event. Someone is hired to kill him and that is how he meets D. D's a hired killer with a conscience. He is told to kill Jack, and for a moment he almost does. But he decides to help him instead and so begins the a wonderful story of love and survival. Jack and D develop a sort of friendship. It's not really anything in the beginning, but after D is shot it changes.

For all intensive purposes D is a broken man. He lost a lot in his life and then he lost himself. Meeting Jack is not meant to change anything. He just doesn't want to kill an innocent man. But with having ignored his sexuality for most of his life he embarks on a proper sexual relationship with Jack. It has it's ups and downs. Many times we see how vulnerable D really is. The death of his daughter haunts him to this day. Jack helps him cope with his grief. He supports D, when D doesn't feel he deserves it.

I want a D of my own so bad!!!

I was one of those people who loved how D spoke. It has something very D about it. I don't see it as a Southern accent, but D's accent. D is unique in his own right and I think he deserved his own accent. Maybe it will annoy those who are from the south, but I just see it as D. He was perfect with the accent and Jack was perfect for him. Even when they almost lose each other Jack never gives up hope. I think it gave me hope.


Giving this book a chance mean putting up with a lot of guessing. We don't know until the characters do who the killer is. A lot of build up is given to the reveal and when it's solved the book doesn't end. There's still so much more to come and for me, that was one of the best things. It meant we got to see both men fight for the relationship. I know there are plans for a sequel, but nothing might come from that. I hope they do, though.

A must read MM romance book!