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Conquest - S.J. Frost Fuck yes!!! Hot and sappy, my favourite!

This book did it for me, I don't know how to describe it. But yes. Conquest is an amazing book, and it has great characters. Its a very sweet story and might not be for everyone. I know some of the things in this book are usually no no's for me, and that was interesting for me because I did not hate them in here.

Jesse, was a character I found rather adorable from the beginning. Even with his insane temper and nerdy ways I was smitten with him. I hated his father and mother throughout this book. It was something I hoped would have been resolved, but it was not essential either. He is an amazingly gifted singer and that was shown as the book progressed. His talent for songwriting as well was shown at certain points of the book. And I just loved his relationship with Evan.

Evan, for me was a character I loved and felt so so, sorry for. He had his fair share of tough times and then when he was finally happy he was forced to do something he never wanted to do. His character was far more complex for me than Jesse's, but no more interesting. He just had some dimension that Jesse did not need to have. But Evan's character needed the complexity and the mystery. It was all part of his charm, which I have to admit won me over.

Jesse & Evan!

All the secondary characters were good additions, some I loved and some I hated. Others I had a love/hate relationship with. As I said this book is not for everyone, but you should give it a go and see what you think of it. I was so glad I read this and I have read it several times just to get a dose of these two. I love my sap, but when a book combines sap and hot sex I just about give it every star I can.

Highly recommend it!