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No Going Home

No Going Home  - T.A. Chase No Going Home is the first in the Home series by T.A. Chase. I really enjoyed this read and it was one of my favourites for a long time with memorable characters and the right amount of story and romance. I find it very hard to read a good cowboy story with no cheating or major flaws. This was an angel for me and I can't be happier that I read it.

Randy and Les worked well together and it was nice seeing the two of them interact. As far as one lover being more experienced than the other it was one of the best I have read. Most stories leave me in question of how far one has gone or sometimes both. This was open with that and we know both had experienced some things. And also a first together in the way of love being reciprocated.

I loved the back story to both MC's. They were alike in a lot of ways and had experiences in different areas which made them a great couple and helped build up an actual story. There were quite a few villains in this and they were well portrayed, that is all I will say about them. Not much could be said without giving too much away.

I loved the women of the story. Margie and Tammy were funny and added some good female characters to the story. A lot of m/m has bad female secondary's and it can get weary after a while. I did enjoy getting deeper into the characters and their past's. It would have been nice to see more of one, but I won't complain.

Highly recommend!