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Morning Report

Morning Report - Sue  Brown I really adored this book and Luke and Simon. The established couple thing was a first for me with this book, and surprisingly, I didn't mind it. Actually, I enjoyed reading about a couple who were already deeply in love and who made me smile the way they acted.

I have a thing for possessive MC's and Luke really fit the bill with that. Simon, too, in a way. But Luke was just perfect for me as a possessive character. He wasn't a jerk or abusive, and I could feel how much he loved Simon. The same could be said for Simon, but he did upset me at one point. I forgave him though because Luke was also in the wrong at one point.

There was homophobia, religion, and family issues dealt with in this book. I loved Luke's family. They were just a lovely addition to a book where the homophobia and religious content might have put me off otherwise. While I don't hate religion in a book, sometimes it can annoy me, but Sue Brown did such a fantastic job with those aspects of the book and they were such strong points of the story, without taking from Luke and Simon.

Cowboys are another weakness of mine and to have two cowboys was just like heaven for me. I was really impressed and I loved the switch in roles between the MC's.

Definitely a book I would recommend time and time again! I have loved this for almost two years now!