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Gambling Men: The Novel

Gambling Men: The Novel - Amy Lane This book was amazing! I loved the snarky humor and the general sexiness of this story. It was my first time from this author. She has been a bit of a hit and miss for me, mainly because of a certain thing in some of her books. I honestly adored this book. Bloody hell it was just my thing. How many more ways can I say how much I adored this book? Not many!!!

Quent and Jace have been best friends since college. They own their own business and they play poker together. Both of them have been in love from the beginning, but nothing happens. Until one night Jace makes the first move. From there we see this relationship grow. And let me say it was hot! I am serious the sex scenes were just smoking. Even with the emotion or lack of it depending on who you are the sex was not impacted.

There was a bit of drama because of poker. But Jace had a reason for loving it. One of his uncles thought about poker. It was sweet to see him carry it into his adult life. The history of Jace's past was sweet. After his parents died he was raised by his two gay uncles. Of course we get a lot of sex scenes. Who knew a card came could be so hot? Well in this book it can be.

While the relationship and poker are the main focuses. There was another one that I liked in this. The family aspect was always there. Even when you might not see it, it was there. We had Quent's family. And Jace's lack of it. But we also see their self made family. I always love that in books, especially when it's a family of friends. It just makes the story more special. It was funny too. I like when a book is funny.

If you are a fan of [a:Amy Lane|151973|Amy Lane|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1362545027p2/151973.jpg], then you should give this a go. It's my favourite of all her books, and also my first. I think this book had a lot going for it and it would be a pity if you don't read it. People who don't read much of this author because of the cheating in her books should give this one a go!

Really, highly recommend it!

Just to add, the cover can be a little off putting. But the book is worth reading.