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Mexican Heat

Mexican Heat - Josh Lanyon, Laura Baumbach Mexican Heat is smoking HOT!!!

GOD. This book is amazing. It has so much to offer and I got so much from reading this book. Words cannot describe this book, but one word I can use for this book is HOT. The plot was Hot, the characters were Hot, the overall theme was HOT. I am a girl who loves mm romances and books like this are the reason why. Its hard for me to read books like this, because they can be so popular and I would not like them. This was not the case with this book.

Gabriel, well he was just a sassy character. I loved him from the first page, even when he pissed me off I loved him. He was a smart ass, reckless, brave and cocky. But I loved him, because even with all that he was a lovable character, that had survived a hard life. Its not hard to see where he got his tough guy image from. Just read the first chapter and you can see him complexity.

When he got shot I felt so sorry for him. He had already suffered in his childhood and then to be left blind. I was like WTF. But it helped him get with Antonio so I was not angry for long. .

Antonio was just a sweet and caring guy. He confused me at times, but then I figured it out, he was a brilliant actor. The way he fell for Gabriel, melted my heart and kept me reading and hoping and praying that they would finally get together. He was an worldly man who had a lot of experience and in turn it attracted Gabriel to him. Well that is my opinion anyway.

Gabriel and Antonio!

This is a crime/romance book with brilliant characters and a fantastic story. This must be read, it is just to good to pass up. Just hope the sequels come out one day. My heart might break after reading the blurbs. They sound so good, but there has been a lot of talk of her not releasing them.

Highly recommend this! Even if waiting for the sequels could kill you.