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Outfield Menace

Outfield Menace - Mark A. Roeder My favourite of the gay youth chronicles series. I loved this book so much and the characters stole a piece of my heart. Angel and Kurt are teenagers in the 50's which from what I know was not a very good time to be gay. It was a sweet story and I found the characters very good to read, I loved them as a couple.

Kurt was such a confused character, it was lovely to see him embrace his relationship with Angel. And Angel was just a great character, I loved the fact he was okay with being gay and helped Kurt deal with his issues about being gay.

The ending was so sad and I really felt tears in my eyes. But there is hope given and that is wonderful. I could not praise this book enough and could not love these characters any more. When I started reading this book I was skeptical, I read a lot of mixed reviews on this book, but I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart. I should have read this book a lot sooner than I did. It really stayed with me after I finished.

I highly recommend this too fans of teenage mm romances. :)