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Cost of Repairs

Cost of Repairs - A.M. Arthur This was a nice book... There were some really great things in the book and some nice banter and sweet scenes thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed the writing. The setting was also nice, I love stories set in small towns, I'm not sure why, but I do. They normally have a funny character or two.

The main issue for me was although I loved the banter. To me, reading this it felt more like Ben would have been a better character for the romance. Rey's wit was great for the story, but Sam and Ben's love seeped through more in this. This book felt more sad than hopeful for me. Maybe had it been about Ben and Sam, and the time they were together, instead of Sam moving on.

When I read about Sam's memories of Ben my heart broke. I could feel how much he loved Ben. It all made me wonder why he was placed in the story, maybe without Ben things would have felt better. It even had more emotion for me than Rey talking about Faith, and that is never a good thing. It was just such a shame, I normally don't read books like these, and this is one of the reasons why.

Although, I loved both characters individually, together they did not make the greatest couple for me. As I have said apart from banter, they felt very stiff to me and that's not something I want to say about a couple in my mm romance. It was a pity but the chemistry was not there.

Through all the good and the bad this is a good book. The story might appeal more to other people. I have my taste and while the it's had some fairly good reviews, it would not be a personal favourite of mine. I will check out the sequel, though. I just hope I connect to it more.