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Kamikaze Boys

Kamikaze Boys - Jay Bell I loved this book. It's YA and one of the ones that didn't make me mad. I love the genre, don't get me wrong. But sometimes YA has more than one of my pet peeves, and so it's hard for me to find books I really like. While this one may have been over-dramatic, it was perfection for me. Perfection. I fell in love with this book from the first page and I fell in love with the characters almost straight away. And I am really happy I read this book after [b:Something Like Summer|10213367|Something Like Summer (Season #1)|Jay Bell|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1294956195s/10213367.jpg|15086656] by the same author.

Connor and David are what I love about YA. They were young, cute, and just lovable. They were kinda dumb, but that is what being young is about. They did some stupid things, but I laughed, I found them funny. But not everyone will, and I understand why. But there wasn't any cheating or major relationship issues, so it wasn't anything I found unlikable.

Jay Bell did a wonderful job with this book. He wrote two amazing characters and a book that has stayed with me a long time. It has also remained on my favourites list since I read it. I had a thing for Connon, which is funny, but there was just something about him... It pulled me in and made me want to know more about him. Maybe part of it was because he was so misunderstood. And that he ended up being such a caring guy. Whatever it was, it made me smile whenever he was in a scene.

The few arguments the characters had weren't really major. And they weren't silly little things either, it added to the story that they faced real issues. The family issues were real and things that kids face everyday. They weren't spectacular, but they weren't silly either. Things like that felt real, with just the right amount of stupidity on the MC's part to make me happy.

I would strongly recommend this book to fans of YA m/m romance or just YA in general. Jay Bell fans will love this one, too.