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Undercover Sins

Undercover Sins - Hayley B. James Aww, I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry at this book.

Now before I start this review, I must warn you that this book deals with a strong issue (Human Trafficking) and some might not like this book. It is definitely not for everyone.

Undercover Sins is the first Hayley B. James book I have read and it will not be my last. It was a very good read and I had a somewhat good time reading it. I loved the romance in this book and was happy with the couple. I could not really say it was a book you could have fun reading because it deals with such a serious issue, but I can say I did love the book completely.

Gabriel, well he was just an amazing character to read about. I was instantly fascinated by him. He struggled with his feelings and his attraction to Evan. All because he did not know who Evan really was. He had a bad temper and I really did not know when he was going to blow up. In the end though he calmed down and finally he and Evan got together. He was my favourite of the two characters.

Evan, well we did not really find out about him until the half way mark or there about's anyway. His past was something that really gave me a feeling for why he was able to do such a horrible job. I could not have felt more sorry for him when he talked about his sister. He was a sweet character and I loved how he fell in love with Gabriel and never stopped trying to win his heart.

I would recommend this book but remind people that they should be warned. Well done Hayley B. James. :)