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Diversion - Eden Winters I loved this book. I loved Lucky and Bo. They fit together nicely and Lucky and his snarky remarks made me laugh. The book was the first Eden Winters book I read and I was impressed. This book has it all for me and although the romance was not the most romantic, it left a lot of room to build on.

Out of the MC's my favourite was Lucky. Most would probably think I was mad to think that, but non the less it was the God's honest truth. I love snarky and tough characters. He was both of those things and so much more, wrapped up. To quote Shreck, "Onions have layers." That's Lucky for me.

I liked that we got insight into both Lucky and Bo during this book. The prologue was brilliant for me. It helped me so much, even though I kind of expected everything. It has given so much potential for a series. A nice, long one if we wait patiently enough.

Highly recommend this!