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Guarding Morgan

Guarding Morgan - R.J. Scott Guarding Morgan is the first in the R.J. Scott's sanctuary series. While this was a series not everyone will connect with, I found as a first book and couple, this was incredible. We get a good idea of what is going on, and I didn't get lost during the actual story line. While this book is a romance, there is a crime solving aspect to the book.

The two MC's worked well together. "Tough guy" Nik and "nice guy" Morgan. My feelings for these two were that the titles were not as suited as some people think. In no way did I think Morgan was an innocent little boy, and Nik had that soft side under everything. It was a nice contrast for the two MC's. It can get kind of boring when the MC's are what everyone expects from the beginning. I love depth to my characters and I got it.

The story is basic enough in the beginning. Morgan was the witness to a murder and a cop friend of Nik's was protecting him. The friend got shot and Nik took over from Morgan. It was a messy case and something that scarred Morgan. Nik knew this and fought any attraction because he knew it was his job to protect Morgan. Nothing ever words out the way people expect though, and lovable Morgan managed to get Nik to agree to a sex while we're here deal. But like most romances, Nik and Morgan fell in love.

We had a mixture of cute and hot scenes. The shower scene was a particular favourite as well as the river bank one. I enjoyed the ending, some may say it was rushed, but I was happy that we got them together. It also introduced us to Dale, our next Sanctuary MC. He was a hero for me in this and I loved him for the wonderful deed he did.

Highly recommend it!